Wrongful Termination, Military, Employment Discrimination, Security Clearance, and Civil Rights Attorneys in Washington DC

Lawyers for the People.

At Klimaski & Associates, P.C., our only client is the people. We represent individuals concerning employment discrimination, employee benefits, military law, civil rights, security clearances and the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. We are a litigation law firm. Our geographic practice covers the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, including Maryland and Virginia. We associate with local attorneys for cases in other states.

We challenge the giants — federal and state governments, the military and businesses, including Fortune 500 corporations. The goliath law firms do not intimidate us.

Klimaski & Associates, P.C., fights for you. No legal problem is too small or too large. Klimaski & Associates, P.C., values you, the client, as an individual. We handle your case with professional, personalized and in-depth attention. We work with you throughout the legal process. We explain the law and the legal strategy. We keep you informed about case developments. You make the decisions about your case, with our recommendations to assist you.

No attorney can guarantee the outcome of a legal action. However, we aggressively pursue our clients’ claims with all the legal skills, knowledge and resources available.